Worksheet on Our Universe

Worksheet on our universe contains various types of questions on the sky and the heavenly bodies. We know the sun, the nine planets and their moons belong to the solar system.

I. Write whether the statements are true or false:

(i) The sun has nine satellites.

(ii) The Saturn is the largest planet.

(iii) All the planets have natural satellites.

(iv) The planet nearest to the sun is the Mercury.

(v) The Venus has no satellite.

II. Mark a tick (√) or cross (X) against each given statement:

(i) Earth is the biggest planet.

(ii) Venus is our closest neighbour.

(iii) Without the Sun there would be no life on Earth.

(iv) Earth is the smallest planet in our solar system.

(v) All stars appear as tiny points of light in the night sky.

III. Choose the correct answer and fill in the blanks:

(i) Sun is a _________. (star, planet)

(ii) When volcanoes erupt, _________ flows out and hardens to form rocks. (lava, water)

(iii) The core of the Earth is made up of _________ metals. (solid, molten)

(iv) _________ is the largest planet. (Jupiter, Saturn)

(v) Seasons are caused by the _________ of the Earth. (rotation, revolution)

IV. Name the following in our solar system:

(i) The planet closest to the Sun                                            _________

(ii) The planet farthest from the Sun                                      _________

(iii) The red planet                                                                _________

(iv) The morning star                                                            _________

(v) The planet with the largest number of moons                     _________

Answers for the worksheet on our universe are given below.


I. (i) true

(ii) false

(iii) false

(iv) true

(v) true

II. (i) X



(iv) X


III. (i) star

(ii) lava

(iii) molten

(iv) Jupiter

(v) revolution

IV. (i) Mercury

(ii) Pluto

(iii) Mars

(iv) Venus

(v) Jupiter

Fourth Grade

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