Worksheet on Parts of a Plant

Worksheet on parts of a plant contains various types of questions on plant life. We know that a plant has roots, stem, branches, leaves, buds, flowers and fruits.

Read the concept to answer the questions on parts of a plant.

I. Answer the following questions:

1. Name the two kinds of roots.

2. What are the two basic parts of a plant?

3. How does a leaf make food?

4. What is the function of the veins in the leaves?

5. How do plants breathe in and out?

6. What are the functions of the stem of a plant?

II. Fill in the blanks:

(i) The _________ grows above the ground.

(ii) Stomata are present on the _________.

(iii) The green color of a leaf is due to _________.

(iv) The _________ grows into a fruit.

(v) Fruits have _________ inside them.

(vi) _________ fix the plant inside the soil.

(vii) Mostly _________ are green.

(viii) Plants cannot make their food at _________.

III. Which part of a plant am I?

(i) I grow below the soil.

(ii) I support the leaf.

(iii) I have beautiful colored petals.

(iv) I protect the seeds within me.

IV. Name them:

(i) A plant having tap roots.

(ii) A plant having fibrous roots.

(iii) A part of a plant bearing branches, leaves, flowers and fruits.

(iv) A plant breathes through their tiny holes.

(v) The flat part of a leaf.

(vi) A gas which comes out during photosynthesis.

V. Tick (√) against the true statement and (X) against the false one:

(i) The stem helps the plant to stand upright.

(ii) The stem carries water to the leaves.

(iii) Generally, roots grow above the ground.

(vi) Air enters the leaf through the main vein.

(v) Plants get water and salts from the soil.

Check the answers of worksheet on parts of a plant:


I. 1. The two kinds of roots tap roots and fibrous roots.

2. Roots and shoots are the two basic parts of a plant.

3. A leaf makes food in the presence of sunlight, using water, carbon dioxide and chlorophyll.

4. The veins give support to the leaf. The leaves also get water through these veins.

5. Plants breathe in and out through the stomata.

6. The stem is the main part that supports the upper parts of a plant. It carries water, minerals and food to the other parts of the plant.

II. (i) shoot

(ii) leaf

(iii) chlorophyll

(iv) flower

(v) seeds

(vi) Roots

(vii) leaves

(viii) night

III. (i) roots

(ii) veins

(iii) flower

(iv) fruit

IV. (i) neem

(ii) grass

(iii) stem

(iv) stomata

(v) leaf blade

(vi) oxygen

V. (i) √

(ii) √

(iii) X

(vi) √

(v) √

Third Grade

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