Worksheet on Plant and Animal Life

Worksheet on plant and animal life contains the different types of questions on plant life & its uses, animal life, domestic animals and wild animals.

I. Tick (√) the correct answer:

(i) The rose plant is a –

(a) tree

(b) shrub

(ii) We can eat the fruit of the –

(a) money plant

(b) apple tree

(iii) The bean plant is a –

(a) climber

(b) creeper

(iv) We eat the stem of the –

(a) potato plant

(b) carrot plant

(v) We eat the leaves of the –

(a) mint plant

(b) cauliflower

II. Write true or false:

(i) Lions live in nest.

(ii) The leaves of coffee plants are used to make coffee.

(iii) Tiger is a wild animal.

(iv) Hens do not lay egg.

(v) A coconut tree is a tall tree.

III. Answer the following questions:

(i) What are domestic animals?

(ii) What are herbs?

(iii) Which plant’s seed is used to make a oil?

(iv) Name one flower used to make perfumes.

(v) Name a plant used to make medicines.

Check the answers of the worksheet on plant and animal life:


I. (i) (b) shrub

(ii) (b) apple tree

(iii) (a) climber

(iv) (a) potato plant

(v) (a) mint plant

II. (i) false

(ii) false

(iii) true

(iv) false

(v) true

III. (i) Animals that are tamed and kept at home and in farms are called domestic animals.

(ii) Herbs are small plants and they have soft, green stems.

(iii) Sunflowers is used to make a oil.

(iv) Jasmine is used to make perfumes.

(v) Neem is used to make medicines.

Second Grade

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