Worksheet on Root System

Worksheet on root system contains various types of questions.

Remember the important information to the answer the questions given below.

Root: The portion of a vascular plant, which grows under the soil and absorbs water and nutrient-salts (minerals) for the plants.

Primary root: The central axis of tap root system

Secondary root: Thinner lateral branches emerging from primary root.

Tertiary root: Very fine branches of secondary root.

Root-cap: Cap-like structure at root tip to protect it from injury.

Root hair: Very fine hair-like projections emerging from the skin-cells of root.

Fibrous root: A tuft of thread-like roots growing from the base of stem.

I. Choose the correct option to complete the sentence:     

(a) The feature that separates a stem from a root is—

(i) water conduction 

(ii) food storage

(iii) presence of leaf   

(iv) presence of branches


(b) Food is stored in the roots of—

(i) sweet-potato

(ii) potato 

(iii) onion 

(iv) ginger


(c) Root tips are protected by—

(i) root hair 

(ii) root-cap 

(iii) tap root 

(iv) fibrous root


(d) Region of growth of a root is found—

(I) at the root tip

(ii) behind root hairs

(iii) in between root-cap and root hair 

(iv) within root-cap


(e) Fibrous root is found in—

(i) mange tree 

(ii) wheat plant 

(iii) banyan tree 

(iv) pea plant


II. Answer the following questions:

(i) Write down two main functions of root.

(ii) Name few roots, which we eat as vegetable.

(iii) Name two roots, which are red in color.

(iv) What are the parts you find in a tap root system?

(v) Which part of a tap root is called primary root?

(vi) Name two plants with fibrous root system.

(vii) What is tap root system?

(viii) Name a root from which grows a baby plant.

(ix) Roots of which plant do help in climbing?

(x) Name the part of the root which protects the root tip.

(xi) Which part of a plant does usually grow under the soil?

(xiii) What is root hair?

(xiii) Which part of the root does absorb water from soil?

(xiv) Name two plants, which store food in their roots.

Fifth Grade

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