Worksheet on Simple Machine

Worksheet on simple machine contains various types of questions.

The important information will help us to the answer the questions given below.

Machine: A device, which makes a work easier to do.

Work: Doing a job with the help of energy.

Load: The resistance against any effort given by an object.

Lever: A simple machine with a fulcrum, load arm and effort arm.

Effort: The force applied to a machine to work.

Fulcrum: The pivot of a lever.

Effort arm: Portion between the point of effort and the fulcrum of a lever.

Load arm: Portion between the point of load and the fulcrum of a lever.

Inclined plane: A slope to lift a load from a lower place to higher place reducing the effort required for the lifting.

Pulley: A simple machine made up of wheel to lift things up.

Wheel: A device, that can rotate freely around a central hub.


I. Choose the correct option of the following:

(a) Which one is a simple machine?

(i) A lever

(ii) A ball bearing

(iii) A calculator

(iv) A cell-phone

(b) To remove a heap of sand, we use—

(i) spoon

(ii) broom

(iii) shovel 

(iv) hand


(c) A machine makes work—

(i) harder 

(ii) slower

(iii) easier

(iv) simpler

(d) A simple lever has—

(i) one load and load bearing arm

(ii) one load arm and an effort arm

(iii) one effort arm and a fulcrum .

(iv) one load arm, one effort arm and a fulcrum

(e) A crane works with a number of

(i) wheels 

(ii) pulleys

(iii) levers

(iv) pulleys and levers

(f) A porter prefers to lift a load on the deck of a truck with—

(i) lever

(ii) wheel

(iii) pulley

(iv) inclined plane


II. Write true or false of the following statements:

(i) We use a machine to finish a job quickly.

(ii) Using more than one pulley at a time, we get more advantage.

(iii) A pair of scissors work as a single lever.

(iv)) The basic component of a pulley is a wheel.

(v) There cannot be any lever without a fulcrum.


III. Fill in the blanks:

(i) To open the lid of a can a spoon acts as a _________.

(ii) The fulcrum of spade is situated at its _________.

(iii) If we prepare a pulley with more than two wheels, we have to apply _________ force to lift an object.

(iv) A double lever, found in a kitchen is _________.

(v) A _________ at the top of a flag post helps the flag to move up smoothly.

IV. Answer the following questions:

(i) Mention names of four simple machines.

(ii) What is a lever?

(iii) Why do we use a wheel?

(iv) Why do we use a pulley?

(v) How many parts does a lever have?

(vi) Where a fulcrum of a lever is situated ?

(vii) What will happen, if the effort arm of a lever is shorter than its load arm?

(viii) How does an inclined plane help us?

Fifth Grade

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