Worksheet on Soil and Crops

Worksheet on soil and crops contains various types of questions. We know, there are three kinds of soil in which different crops are grown in different seasons.

I. Name three crops grow in each of the following kinds of soil:

(i) Sandy soil

(ii) Clayey soil

(iii) Loamy soil

II. Select appropriate words to fill in the blanks:

loamy, water-melon, clayey, water, rainy, particles, humus

(i) Different types of soil have different types of __________.

(ii) Sandy soil does not retain __________ for a long time.

(iii) __________ soil is the best for most of the plants.

(iv) Compost manure increases __________ in the soil.

(v) In summer __________ is grown.

(vi) Paddy is the crop of __________ season.

(vii) __________ type of soil retains more water.

III. There are three answers to each question.  Choose the correct one:

1. Which type of soil does not retain water for a long time?

(i) Sandy; (ii) Clayey; (iii) Loamy

2. Which type of soil slippery when wet?

(i) Sandy; (ii) Clayey; (iii) Loamy

3. Which type of soil is most useful for plants?

(i) Sandy; (ii) Clayey; (iii) Loamy

IV. Write ‘R’ for right and ‘W’ for wrong statements:

(i) Loamy soil is the mixture of sandy soil, clayey soil and humus.

(ii) Humus is formed due to decaying of leaves, dead animals and cow dung.

(iii) Sand particles float on water.

(iv) Clayey soil absorbs water.

(v) The same crops are grown in different seasons.

Answers for the worksheet on soil and crops are given below.


I. (i) groundnut, sweet potato and water-melon

(ii) paddy, jute and flex          

(iii) wheat, gram and sugarcane

II. (i) particles

(ii) water

(iii) loamy

(iv) humus

(v) water-melon

(vi) rainy

(vii) clayey

III. 1. (i) Sandy

2. (ii) Clayey

3. (iii) Loamy

IV. (i) R

(ii) W

(iii) W

(iv) R

(v) W

Fourth Grade

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