Worksheet on Solar Energy

Worksheet on solar energy contains various types of questions.

The important information will help us to the answer the questions given below.

Solar cell: Cells containing chemicals to convert solar energy into electrical energy

Solar panel: A plate carrying large number of solar cells to generate larger quantity of electrical energy.

Conventional energy: The energy, which we commonly use

Non-conventional energy: The energy, which are not commonly used.

Solar cooker: A cooking device, which utilizes solar heat.

I. Answer the following questions:

(i) Why do plants grow better in sunlight?

(ii) What is the source of heat and light on the Earth?

(iii) Which organism can trap solar energy directly?

(iv) Which energy does create wind power?

(v) In solar cells light energy is converted into which type of energy?

(vi) How does cloud form?

(vii) Why are solar panels used in satellites?

(viii) How does solar energy help us to protect our health?

(ix) Why are the roofs of green houses made with transparent materials?

(x) Which two fossil fuels can be replaced by solar energy?


II. Choose the correct option of the following:

(a) Which of the following organisms trap solar energy directly?

(i) a mango tree

(ii) a tiger

(iii) a goat

(iv) a parrot


(b) By which process does an organism trap solar energy directly?

(i) nutrition

(ii) respiration

(iii) transpiration

(iv) photosynthesis


(c) Sunlight Is transformed into electrical energy by -

(i) solar cell 

(ii) solar cooker

(iii) solar heaters 

(iv) solar meter


(d) In a green house a plant grows better, because it gets -

(i) sunlight 

(ii) heat

(iii) both light and heat

(iv) ultraviolet ray


(e) A satellite, moving in space, get electrical energy from -

(i) a huge battery fitted in it

(ii) solar panel 

(iii) a powerful electric generator 

(iv) many dry cells


III. Write whether the following statements are true or false:

(i) In a green house plants grow well because its walls are green.

(ii) Solar heaters are used more in cooler countries.

(iii) Solar electric cell generates static electricity.

(iv) In a solar electric cell light energy is transformed into electrical energy.

(v) Solar calculators get the power from the heat of the Sun.

Fifth Grade

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