Worksheet on Stem System

Worksheet on stem system contains various types of questions.

Remember the important information to the answer the questions given below.

Herb: Plants with soft, juicy and often hollow stem.

Shrub: Small bushy plants having harder stems in which branches grow near the base of the shoot.

Tree: Larger plants with tall pillar-like woody trunks (stem) in which branches may develop at any height.

Creeper: Plants with weak stem, which grow along the ground.

Climber: Plants with weak stem, which grow upward by coiling around any firm object as support.

Shoot system: The portion of a flowering plant, growing towards the source of light, bearing stem, leaves, buds, flowers and fruits constitutes the shoot system.

Stem: Rod shaped central axis of the shoot-system.

Nodes: The points on a stem from which leaves grow.

Internode: The portion of a stem in between two nodes.

Apical bud: A tiny outgrowth present at the apical tip of the stem.

Axillary bud: A tiny outgrowth present at the junction of a leaf and a node of a stem.

Terminal bud: A tiny outgrowth present at the apex of each branch.


I. Fill in the blanks:

(i) The region in between two nodes is called _________.

(ii) In case of _________ the stem is soft and juicy.

(iii) _________ grow from nodes of stem.

(iv) The bud at the tip of a main stem is called _________ bud.

(v) The portion of plant which grows above the Earth is called _________.

(vi) Ginger and Potato are similar because both of them are _________.


II. Answer the following questions:

(i) Name two plants with soft and juicy stems.

(ii) What is shoot system?

(iii) Which portion of a shoot is called stem?       

(iv) Write the names of two plants in which food is stored in the stems.

(v) What are the functions of the buds of a stem?

(vi) Name two plants, which have many branches but do not have any trunk.

(vii) Name two plants, which cannot stand on their own and grow along the ground.

(viii) Name two plants, which climb upward with support.

(ix) Mention three main components of a shoot.

(x) Name a plant, which protects itself with its spines.

Fifth Grade

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