Worksheet on Structure of a Flower

Worksheet on structure of a flower contains various types of questions.

Remember the important information to the answer the questions given below.

Pedicel: Small stick-like structure that holds the flower on the stem.

Thalamus: A disc-like structure situated at the top of the pedicel and holds all the parts of a flower.

Calyx: Outermost cup-shaped green structure on a thalamus.

Sepals: Small leafy units of calyx.

Corolla: The second inner whorl of white or colored leafy structures placed just next to calyx.

Petals: White or colored leafy parts of a corolla.

Stamen: Male reproductive organ of a flower.

Filament: Fine thread-like portion of a stamen, which holds the anther.

Anther: The pollen case situated at the top of a filament.

Pollen grains: Fine granular cells in which develops the male gametes.

Carpel: Unit of gynoecium; the female reproductive organ of a flower.

Androecium: The third inner whorl of a flower, composed of male reproductive organs.

Gynoecium: The inner most whorl of a flower composed of female reproductive organs.

Ovary: The swollen base of a carpel, that holds one or more ovules within it.

Style: Long tubular structure emerging from the top of the ovary.

Stigma: Broader apex of the style, which catches the pollen grains during pollination.


I. Match the column:

Column - A

(i) Lamina

(ii) Anther

(iii) Carpel

(iv) Sepal

(v) Corolla

(vi) Style

Column - B

(a) Stamen

(b) Calyx

(c) Petal

(d) Leaf

(e) Stigma

(f) Ovary

II. Fill in the blanks:

(a) In a female flower we see calyx, corolla and ________.

(b) A stamen has two parts, ________ and filament.

(c) Pollen grains are stored in ________ of a stamen.

(d) The stalk of a flower is called ________.

(e) Ovule of a matured ovary is transformed into ________ of a fruit.

(f) ________ of a flower attracts insects for pollination?


III. Answer the following questions:

1. Which part of a plant does get modified into flower?

2. Name different parts of a complete flower.

3. Write the name of two complete flowers.

4. Name two plants in which male and female flowers are seen separately.

5. Which part of a flower does protect its reproductive organs within a bud?

6. Name the male reproductive organ of a flower.

7. Which part of a flower is treated as the female reproductive organ of a flower?

8. In which part of a flower are the pollen grains stored?

9. Which part of a flower is transformed into fruit?

10. Which parts of a flower are transformed into seeds?

Fifth Grade

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