Worksheet on Types of Plants

Worksheet on types of plants contains various types of questions on different kinds of plants like trees, shrubs, herbs, climbers, creepers, water plants etc.

Read the concept to answers the questions on different kinds of plants that grow in different weather.

1. Fill in the blanks with the correct word:

(i) Small plants with soft stems are called __________.

(ii) Short plants with branches and hard stems are called __________.

(iii) __________ live for a long time.

(iv) __________ usually live only for a few months.

(v) __________ have weak steam. They need another plant for a stick for support.

(vi)  Tall, strong plant are called __________.

2. Draw lines to match the words in column I with those in column II:

                  Column I                          Column II

                  (i) neem                             (a) herb

                  (ii) mint                              (b) shrub

                  (iii) rose                             (c) climber

                  (iv) money plant                 (d) tree

                  (v) pumpkin                       (e) hot desert

                  (vi) cacti                            (f) creeper

3. Put a tick (√) or a cross (X) against each sentences:

(i)  Only some plants can live in very cold weather.         

(ii) Herbs live for many years.                                             

(iii) Trees live for many years.                                              

(iv) Climbers need trees or sticks for support.                  

(v) Many of the vegetables we eat grow on shrubs.      

4. Name three examples of herbs.

5. Name three examples of trees.                         

Check the answers of worksheet on types of plants:


1. (i) herbs

(ii) shrubs

(iii) Trees

(iv) Herbs

(v) Climbers

(vi)  trees

2.               Column I                           Column II

                  (i) neem                              (d) tree

                  (ii) mint                               (a) herb

                  (iii) rose                              (b) shrub

                  (iv) money plant                 (c) climber

                  (v) pumpkin                        (f) creeper

                  (vi) cacti                             (e) hot desert

3. (i)  √          

(ii) X                                       

(iii) X                                              

(iv) √                     

(v) X

4. The examples of herbs are coriander, spinach and mint.

5. The examples of trees are peepal tree, palm tree and neem tree.                          

Second Grade

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