Worksheet on Water in Our Life

Worksheet on water in our life contains various types of questions on how water plays an important role in our life and so we should not waste water.

I. Answer the following questions:

(i) What are the important functions of water in our body?

(ii) How does water passes out of our bodies?

(iii) What are the main sources of water?

(iv) Name some of the diseases caused by germs-carrying water.

(v) How should the purified water be stored?

II. Fill in the blanks:

(i) Use of polluted water may cause _________.

(ii) Suspend particles can be separated by _________.

(iii) We should avoid the _________ of water.

(iv) The _________ near ponds makes the water polluted.

(v) We should _________ a tap when it is not used.

III. Mark a tick (√) or cross (X) against each given statement:

(i) We can make faecal discharge any where we like.

(ii) Unpolluted water is drinkable.

(iii) We must bathe in purified water.

(iv) We should filter water to remove germs.

(v) River water is not safe for drinking.

Check the answers of worksheet on water in our life:


I. (i) The important functions of water in our body are to digest food and circulate various nutrients in the body.

(ii) Water passes out of our bodies as sweat, urine and also with breathed out air.

(iii) The main sources of water is rain.

(iv) Some of the diseases caused by germs-carrying water are malaria, jaundice, typhoid and cholera.

(v) The purified water should be stored in clean vessels with their mouths covered with lids. The water of the vessels should be taken out with clean hands and clean tumblers.

II. (i) diseases

(ii) filtering

(iii) wastage

(iv) faecal discharge

(v) close

III. (i) X

(ii) √

(iii) √

(iv) √

(v) √

Fourth Grade

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