Worksheet on Weather

Worksheet on weather contains the various types of questions on different weather conditions during hot days, cold days, windy days, rainy days and the five seasons of the year.              

Read the concept to answers the questions on weather conditions.

I. Answer the following questions:

1. What is weather?

2. What happens on hot days?             

3. What happens on cold days?

4. What happens on windy days?

5. What happens on rainy days?

6. What do you like to drink on a hot day?

7. In which weather we wear woolen clothes?

8. When do we use umbrella?

9. How many colors does a rainbow have?

10. Name the five seasons.

II. Fill the blanks with the correct words given below:

          five, Spring, cotton, raincoats, woollen

1. We wear __________ clothes in winter.

2. We wear __________ clothes in summer.

3. We use __________ in rain.

4. There are __________ seasons.

5. __________ season is very pleasant.

III. Put a tick (√) against the correct sentences and a cross (X) against the wrong ones:

1. A strong wind can blow away things.

2. A rainbow appears at night.

3. We have cold drinks in winter.

4. We use woolen clothes in summer.

5. Spring season has heavy rains.

IV. Tick (√) the correct word:

1. During (hot/cold) days sun shines brightly.

2. People wear (cotton/woolen) clothes on cold days.

3. People drink (cold/hot) water in hot days.

4. You can see rainbow on (rainy/windy) days.

5. People use (umbrella/heaters) on rainy days.          

Check the answers of the worksheet on weather:


I. 1. The conditions in the air above the earth such as wind, rain or temperature, especially at a particular time over a particular area are called weather.

2. On hot days sun shines brightly. We like to sit under the fans or in air conditioners and cooler to keep ourselves cool.

3. On cold days, it snows at some places. We like to sit near fire or under the sun to keep ourselves warm.

4. On windy days the wind blows very fast. Strong wind raises a lot of dust.

5. On rainy days it rains heavily. These days the sky is covered with clouds and the weather is also moist and wet.

6. We like to drink cold drinks on a hot day.

7. In cold weather we wear woolen clothes.

8. We use umbrella on a rainy day.

9. A rainbow has seven colors.

10. The five seasons are: summer, rainy, autumn, winter and spring.

II. 1. woolen

2. cotton

3. raincoats

4. five

5. Spring

III. 1. √

2. X

3. X

4. X

5. X

IV. 1. hot

2. woolen

3. cold

4. rainy

5. umbrella

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