Worksheet on Where do Animals Live?

Worksheet on where do animals live contains the various types of questions on animals, birds and insects.

Read the concept to answers the questions on where do animals live.

1. Rabbits : burrows :: Honey bees : 'A’

What will you replace 'A' with?

(i) Shell         

(ii) Hive              

(iii) Swarm      

(iv) Colony

2. Two animals that can be found both on land and in water are

(i) crocodile and kingfisher                             

(ii) kingfisher and fish       

(iii) crocodile and frog                                 

(iv) duck and beetle

3. Match the items in column I to those in column II.

                 Column I                                             Column II

              A. Octopus                                       1. soft - jelly like body

              B. Shark                                           2. has eight arms

              C. Jellyfish                                        3. Sharp toothed fish

(i) A-2; B-3; C-1                                 

(ii) A-1; B-2; C-3                             

(iii) A-2; B-1; C-3

(iv) A-1; B-3; C-2

4. Write the names of the following:

(i) A group of bees. 

(ii) group of deer.

(iii) The home of rabbits.

(iv) An animal with a shell.

(v) A winged animal that lives on trees.

(vi) A black insect that likes sweet food. 

(vii) An animal that catches food with its sticky tongue.

(viii) An animal that lives in your home. 

5. Find the odd one out.

(i) sparrow, mynah, rat, owl.

(ii) dragonfly, lizard, mosquito, butterfly.

(iii) ant, rabbit, crocodile, snake.

(iv) fish, frog, whale, shark.

6. Name the following:

(i) Two animals which live in burrows.

(ii) Two animals which live in herds

(iii) Two large meat-eating wild animals.

(iv) Two fish-eating birds.

(v) It lives in the trees and loves bananas.

(vi) A bird which hunts at night.

Check the answers of the worksheet on where do animals live:


1. (ii) Hive              

2. (iii) crocodile and frog                                 

3. (i) A-2; B-3; C-1                                 

4. (i) swarm 

(ii) herd

(iii) burrow

(iv) snail

 (v) birds

(vi) ant

(vii) frog

(viii) dog 

5. (i) rat

(ii) lizard

(iii) ant

(iv) frog

6. (i) rabbit and snake

(ii) elephant and deer  

(iii) tiger and lion

(iv) kingfisher and egret

(v) monkey

(vi) owl

Second Grade

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