Worksheet on Word Problems on Fractions

This worksheet on word problems on fraction would focus on all the areas of fractions including division, multiplication, addition and subtraction. Hence, the students should have a clear idea on each of the subtopics to get a better view of each of them. This worksheet will serve as a practice for the students as it will involve each and every type of sum on fraction of word problem. Moreover, by reading the story given along with the sum students need to understand what operation should be carried out. This worksheet will actually check learners understanding whether he/ she can detect the type of sum given to him/ her. By reading the story given in the sum learners would find out the particular operation she/ he has to carry out.

1. The product of two numbers is 406/7. One number is 15 1/7. Find the other number.

Answer: 237/53

2. There are 600 teachers in a school. Fraction of male teachers is 3/5. Find the number of female teachers.

Answer: 240

3. There are 500 girls in a school. The fraction of boys is 4/5 in the school. Find the total number of students and the number of boys in the school.

Answer: Total number of students = 2500; Number of boys = 2000

4. In a birthday party due to rain less number of guest arrived therefore only 3/5 of the cake was only consumed by the guests. Find the fraction of cake left.

Answer: 2/5

5. In 5 hours, 112 km of distance could be covered by Aman. Find the distance covered by him in 1 hour?

Answer: 222/5 km

6. There are 80 matchsticks in one packet. Out of them,  3/8 matchsticks have been burnt. Find the number of matchsticks left.

Answer: 50 matchsticks left

7. There are 502/3 kgs of potatoes. Out of that 465/4 kgs have been sold. Find the quantity of potatoes remaining unsold.

Answer: 377/12 kgs 

8. Subtract the sum of of 2/3 and 1/2 from the sum 5/6 and 7/12

Answer: 1/4

9. There are 50 students in a class each of them have to contribute Rs. 156/8 for the school feast. Find the amount of money collected.

Answer: Rs. 975

10. Sophia bought 5/3 kg of potatoes and 7/5 kgs of tomatoes. Find the total quantity of vegetables purchased by Sophia.

Answer: 31/15

11. The cost of 5 shirts is Rs. 2025/4 when bought from a shop. Find the cost each shirt purchased.

Answer: Rs. 101¼ 

12. Each kilometers of road requires 2/3  litres of petrol. Find the litres of petrol required for 600 km distance. 

Answer: 400 litres

13. There was 3/7  fraction of water in a jar. Due to leakage 2/14 fraction of the total quantity of water has leaked. Find the quantity of water left.

Answer: 2/7

14. There are 100 toffees in a packet. 4/5 of the packet is used for distributing to children. Find the number of toffees left.

Answer: 20

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