E-commerce is a trend of modern business system. It conducts the norms of commercialism. It holds the attire of a wealth producing industry. This is chiefly used in the area of trade and business. World is now flourished by the tide of time and new systems and methods came to the world of business. E-commerce is one of them .It does commercial transactions thoroughly conducted electronically on the internet.

The full form of E-commerce is electronic commerce. It is a business field in which products are sold or purchased through any electronic system, especially computer. The modern E –commerce generally commences their works through World Wide Web. E-commerce deals the activity of purchasing or selling products through online-commerce is acted in the field of services and transmitting of funds or data over internet. These commercial transactions take place either business to business, business to commerce, consumer to consumer or consumer to business.

There are various types of e-commerce platforms. These platforms fall into several industry classifications. These are based upon their licensing model, sales scenario and data exchange.

E –commerce software usually requires one time investment initially in terms of licensing fees on- premises. It includes extra costs related to hardware and installation services and data migration and ongoing maintenance fees that are usually as yearly basis to update and support software.

Advantages of E-commerce Software

This is easy to customize.

This helps in data security

Its performance is high.


It needs large initial investment.

It’s a self- maintained process.

It works with technical knowledge.

Saas (software as a service) in E-commerce

It bases on cloud. It is a type of delivery model. In a delivery model these applications are hosted and managed in a service provider’s data centre. It pays according to a subscription basis. It accesses via a browser   over an internet connection.


This solution is affordable and the cost is low.

E-commerce provider hosts or upgrades it.

This is easy to scalable.

This is too much available.


It is a limited integration with back – end systems.

It has limited control over the system.

FM (Fully Managed) E-commerce

It is the next step of platform as a service (pass).Pass consists of e-commerce software and hardware hosting. It provides services like product picture taking, image editing, data management, customer support marketing and consulting. This is offered to brick- and –mortar stores as a B2B solution to support them   start selling online quickly. This cost very low. The base of licensing model is the sales volume.

There is one type of e-commerce which is open source e-commerce. It is a free of charge platform that does not imply licenses fee. Users of this type of service are responsible for installing, maintaining, securing. It is also responsible  for Configuring  the software on their own servers. Basic technical  expertise is  required  in the areas of web design  and development for  setting up  an open source platform. Software products which are distributed as open source are generally free. The users of this type of device   can access and modify the source code.


It is a free of charge system.

It has wide variety of available addons /plugins /extensions.

It has also better flexibility with a customizable source code.


In this device more technical knowledge is required.

Its performance depends   on hosting   costs.

It has no standard  integration with back-end system.

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