Examples on Subject and Predicate

We will discuss about the examples on subject and predicate of a sentence. We know every sentence is divided into two parts .They are - subject and predicate. 

Note: (i) Subject may be just one or more than one word.

(ii) Predicate may be one or more than one word.

Examples to find the subject and predicate of a sentence: 

(i) Nikhil is a good boy. 

‘Nikhil` - subject

‘is a god boy`- predicate.

(ii) The boy wins the prize.

‘The boy’ - subject

‘wins the prize’ – predicate.

(iii) I like fruits.

‘I’ - subject

‘like fruits’ – predicate.

(iv) Beauty is truth.

‘Beauty’ - subject

 ‘is truth’ – predicate.

(v) Nature is beautiful.

‘Nature’ - subject

‘is beautiful’ – predicate.

(vi) Health is wealth.

‘Health’ - subject

‘is wealth’ – predicate.

(vii) My favourite colour is green.

‘My favourite colour’ - subject

‘is green’ – predicate.

(viii) My favourite game is ludo.

‘My favourite game’ - subject 

‘is ludo’ – predicate.

(ix) My friend is a singer.

‘My friend’ - subject

‘is a singer’ - predicate.

(x) Sam and I are good friends.

‘Sam and I’ - subject

‘are good friends’ - predicate.

(xi) My father is no more.

‘My father’ - subject

‘is no more’ - predicate.

(xii) My mother is a home maker.

‘My mother’ - subject

‘is a home maker’ - predicate.

(xiii) Man is mortal.

‘Man’ - subject

‘is mortal’ – predicate.

(xiv) The earth is round.

‘The earth’ - subject 

‘is round’ – predicate.

(xv) Anima is a lady.

‘Anima’ - subject

‘is a lady’ – predicate.

(xvi) Sugar tastes sweet.

‘Sugar’ - subject

‘tastes sweet’ – predicate.

(xvii) We live in India.

‘We’ - subject

‘live in India’ – predicate.

(xviii) My mother loves me very much.

‘My mother’ - subject

‘loves me very much’ – predicate.

(xix) Honesty is the best policy.

‘Honesty’ - subject

‘is the best policy’ – predicate.

(xx) The Yamuna is a river.

‘The Yamuna’ - subject

‘is a river’ - predicate.

(xxi) The pillow is made of cotton.

‘The pillow’ - subject

‘is made of cotton’ - predicate.

(xxii) That is a library. 

‘That’ - subject

‘is a library’ - predicate.

(xxiii) The meeting was postponed.

‘The meeting’ - subject 

‘was postponed’ - predicate.

(xxiv) Knowledge is weapon.

‘Knowledge’ - subject

‘is weapon’ - predicate.

(xxv) Time is the best medicine.

‘Time’ - subject

‘is the best medicine’ - predicate.

(xxvi) Walking is good exercise.

‘Walking’ - subject.

‘is good exercise’ - predicate.

(xxvii) This is a pen.

‘This’ - subject

‘is a pen’ - predicate.

(xxviii) It is a doll.

‘It’ - subject

‘is a doll’ - predicate.

(xxix) You are a fool.

‘You’ - subject

‘are a fool’ - predicate.

(xxx) They set up a farm.

‘They’ - subject

‘set up a farm’ - predicate.

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