Healthy Environment

How to have a healthy environment?

In the cities we have to take the responsibility to keep our environment pollution-free for us and the coming generation.

We should encourage afforestation and discourage deforestation to maintain a healthy environment. We should never cut trees and plants as much as possible.

Homes and factories must have proper waste disposal system to prevent air pollution or water pollution. We must not pollute the water that we use for drinking and cooking. We should purify the polluted water. We must prevent ourselves and others for using noisy appliances as much as possible. If all of us keep these things in mind and act accordingly our environment will be healthy indeed and we will lead a healthy and happy life.

We should keep in mind some of the important points for healthy environment.

(i) Walk or use a bicycle for short journey.

(ii) Use public transport.

(iii) Share the car with other people going to the same place.



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Healthy Environment

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