Importance of First Aid

Importance of first aid is the immediate care that can be given to a person who is injured or gets suddenly sick.

It can prevent the person’s condition from going worse until medical help arrives. In some cases it can save a person’s life. But remember that we should never try giving first aid to someone unless we learn how to first aid.

The first thing we should do is that we should take help. We should immediately try to find a doctor or an elder person. Unlit we get help we should be calm. We should first comfort the injured person and make him or her sit or lie down. We should not let the people crowd around.

We can help if it is a minor accident like a slight burn, insect bite, a small cut or a nosebleed. Wash small cuts with water and apply an antiseptic cream. If there is bleeding we should tie a bandage to stop the bleeding.

If a nose bleeds we need to pinch the nose and hold it for 7 to 8 minutes till it stops bleeding. We can get some ice, wrap it up in a handkerchief and apply it to the nose and that will stop the bleeding quickly.

In case slight burn, that can be treated at home. If the burns are serious a doctor should attend on them. For a slight burn run cold water over it or keep ice for a few minutes. Wrap the burnt area with clean bandages

In case of insects bite that can be treated by applying ice or running cold water over it.

If a person is badly hurt we shouldn’t try to move him or her that can cause more damage if the injury is serious.   

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