Influence and Effect of Weather

We will discuss here about the influence and effect of weather conditions on our life. We are aware of the fact that heat of the sunlight causes evaporation of water on the earth. This process of evaporation is repeated.

Sometimes it becomes fast and sometimes slow.  The rate of evaporation depends upon atmospheric temperature, blowing of wind and dryness of air.

During the summer season the atmospheric temperature is too high and the air is dry. So rate of evaporation is increased. Due to quick evaporation our wet clothes are dried very soon. 

Water in ponds is also evaporated more quickly and ponds get dried up.

In the rainy season the air is full of moisture and rate of evaporation is very slow. So our wet clothes take too much time to dry. The moisture or water vapours present in the atmosphere is called humidity. Too much humidity affects our working.

Blowing of wind also makes the evaporation fast. The evaporation is quicker when the weather is hot and windy. Such weather helps in drying up our wet clothes in no time.

Now we will discuss about the effect of weather conditions on our way of life. In summer, there is too much hot and in winter too much cold. Autumn and spring have moderate heat and cold. in between summer and autumn sometimes it rain.
According to the seasons we change our dresses and food-habits. We wear woollen clothes to protect our body from cold in winter. We keep our houses warm by burning wood and coal or by using electric heaters. During winter people eat energy food like eggs, meat and hot drinks. We use blankets to cover our bodies in the winter nights.
In summer our dresses and food are different from those of winter. We wear light cotton clothes and make arrangements to cool our houses. We prefer cold drinks and light food in summer.

During rainy season it generally rains. Humidity is very high. Due to high humidity we feel uncomfortable. We use umbrellas and rain coats to save us from rain. In rainy season insects and germs spread many diseases. So we have to protect our food from those germs and save ourselves from insects-bites.

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