My Best Friend

My best friend is the one who would walk beside me, come rain, come shine. Ever wondered how the strongest bonds of friendship are forged in the school day cause that’s the time we make friends base on who we are, not who we become. Successes and failures are part of life but my best friend is someone who handheld me through tough times and did not give up on me when the chips were down. 

Henry Ford once said ‘My Best friend is one who brings out the best in me’. Indeed, my best friend never panders to my ego, does not make me feel self –righteous and all important. She, rather is the one who pulls me down to the real level and keeps me grounded. Never has it been that I have been in the wrong and she hasn’t been quick to point that out.

My friendship too does date back to school days but not to when I was a student but rather when I was a young, amateur faculty member in one of the Senior Secondary Schools in the small town, we lived in. Here I was, fresh at 26, teaching some18-20 year olds and wasn’t at all sure how they would take to me. Worse of all, I had put on my dress, on the day of Induction a dress work inside out. Much to my chagrinand embarrassment, no one pointed it out and it would have been a debacle of sorts to walk in front of those quick to judge millennial group in that state, had she not come into the staffroom that very moment and asked me to set things right before entering the classroom.

That was the first of many instances she bailed me out. Settling me down in a profession in which I was an absolutely no vice, to being a confidant when it came to the turbulence of an inter-caste relationship in which I was deeply enmeshed, to seeing me through a tumultuous marriage and an even deep chasm of separation and divorce, she kept me afloat with her no-nonsense attitude, constant company and immense support. Losing her own sister to depression, she moved mountains to ensure I did not tread on the same path.

All this while keeping my turbulent personal life out of the access of of the conservative provincial college, I was part of, thus ensuring that my private matters did not become a topic for gossip mills and thus helped me maintain a semblance of normalcy and sanity in those dark moments .

My successive promotions made her elated and it is largely on account of her unassuming behavior that even when I superseded her in terms of profession success and the fact that at one point she was reporting to me, in the office made no difference to the rapport we shared beyond the professional scene.

My successive second tryst with marriage brought me off-shore, a long distance away from her but the bond that we share is irreplaceable / irrefutable,

My story about my friend might make me seem only as a taker but a similar recount from her, would perhaps one days present the other side. As for me, I can only be grateful to have been at the receiving end of such magnanimity.

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