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Leadership is a well potentiality. We must hear the words that a leader is not made; he is born as a leader. A strong leader has the ability to influence so many people in his life. He or she has the power to lead the group as well as do the job successfully. A strong leader is a very successful person. He is very determined too. He has too much energy in his heart. He has a bright notion towards the goal.

Leadership is a very rare quality. Everyone has no such power to do such job. This work is not so easy to anyone. Only the strong minded persons have the power to do this kind of task. An organization needs a good leader to grow its development. This leader is always bounded to do the works of the organization. A strong leader has a quality to regulate the team. He or she is the willpower of the team. He dreams of success even in a gloomy situation. He operates the works with his tact and skill. He is the representative of the institution. A good leader always tries to remain near of his followers. Strong leaders have the power to motivate others. They lead the team in a good way. A leader is never made through skill. It is an inborn quality. That is why India and world got so many good leaders .They are strong in nature and work. In India Chaitanya, Netaji, Vivekananda, Aurobindo were strong influential leaders. They played a vital role in their respective fields as a leader.

A strong leadership works in every field. It also maintains the family to behold its position. A strong leader always improves and expands the former situation.

This quality is differing in respect of the field. But the one thing is the same. In every place he or she needs to get together with others and to lead the team with a pure guidance. It also varies according to skill and capabilities. Different person has to do the different works.

A strong leader never shows any weakness in managing the team. Now a day biggest managing sectors, corporate sectors, multinational companies want a good and strong leader to expand their business. It is very simple that a good leader can do a lot for the benefit of the organization. He or she earns profit for the organization.

Leadership means to balance. A good leader knows how to balance the situation. A good leader promotes the condition from a good to a better one.

A strong leader takes the responsibility and fulfils the demand of his institution. He or she has an indomitable spirit. He never gives up the handwork until the proposed or dreamt goal comes. His personality encourages the other people. He always tries to empower others. He always ready to give his best performance as well as affect others to do so. He sets high expectations for the team. And for getting the best achievement he constantly helps the other partners to get the success. A strong leader must have some qualities. These are-high integrity, intellectual honesty, humility combined with ambition, honest attitude, strong willpower, etc.

A strong leader not only has these things but there are more which an identity of a strong leadership personality becomes. The most important thing is that he should be a very well behaved gentleman. A leader has own strategy to work. He is a coach of the team. He always tries to overwhelm the position of the team.

He has a clear vision. He is a communicator. A good leader with hid team members tries to discover new things for the goodness of the team.

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