Toads and Frogs

We will discuss about the two common types of amphibians, ‘toads’ and ‘frogs’. Though they belong to a same group of amphibian animals these two animals have many dissimilarities also, which are as follows—


(i) Skin rough, pale clay like color and have many warts and glands on it.

(ii) Head triangular but blunt in front

(iii) Webbed feet with smaller skin folds.

(iv) Stay in shady dark nooks and corners.

(v) Hind legs are strong help in hopping.


(i) Skin smooth, bright colored and striped on the back.

(ii) Head triangular with sharp snout.

(iii) Webbed feet with wider skin folds.

(iv) Stay in or near shallow water bodies.

(v) Hind legs are much more stronger, help in long leap.

Fifth Grade

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