Worksheet on Force, Work and Energy

Worksheet on force, work and energy contains various types of questions.

I. Fill in the blanks:

(i) A force is a __________ or a __________.

(ii) The force of __________ pulls everything down.

(iii) When a force moves an object, __________ is done.

(iv) Coal and petrol have energy stored in them. They are called __________.

(v) A moving football comes to a stop after some time because of the force of __________.

II. Write true or false of the following statement:

(i) Things can move without any force acting on them.

(ii) Energy is required to do work.

(iii) If a moving object comes to a stop, it means some force is acting on it.

(iv) Energy in food indirectly comes from the Sun.

(v) Energy of wind can be used to generate electricity.

III. Complete the following sentence by inserting suitable words from the box:

                  force, movement, energy, source, work, does, petrol

(i) Energy is needed to perform __________.                                               

(ii) Capacity of doing work is called __________.

(iii) The source of energy in a car is __________.

(iv) We apply __________ pushing and pulling.

(v) The Sun is the main __________ of energy.

(vi) A trolley driver __________ work.

(vii) Force is applied to change the direction of __________ of a body.

IV. Name the following:

(i) Energy you get by burning fuels

(ii) Energy that plants use to make food

(iii) Energy that we use to run a fan

(iv) Our main source of energy; it gives us heat and light energy

Answers for the worksheet on force, work and energy are given below.


I. (i) pull, push

(ii) gravity

(iii) work

(iv) fuels

(v) friction

II. (i) false

(ii) true

(iii) true

(iv) true

(v) true

III. (i) work         

(ii) energy

(iii) petrol

(iv) force

(v) source

(vi) does

(vii) movement

IV. (i) heat energy

(ii) light energy

(iii) electrical energy

(iv) Sun

Fourth Grade

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