Worksheet on Importance of Rocks and Soil

Worksheet on importance of rocks and soil contains various types of questions about the rocks and types of soil and its uses.

We know all rocks are made up of chemical compounds called minerals. Soil is made up of rock particles and decayed plants and animal parts.

I. Fill in the blanks:

(i) Most _______ are hard.

(ii) Very small pieces of rocks form the _______.

(iii) Clayey soil mostly contains _______.

(iv) The layer above the subsoil is _______.

(v) _______ soil holds lot of water but does not hold air.

(vi) Rotted plans and animals in the soil are called _______.

II. Put a tick (√) against the correct sentences and cross (X) against the wrong sentences:

(i) Soil is the uppermost layer of the Earth.

(ii) Soil is made up of very big and heavy rocks.

(iii) Soil in different places is different.

(iv) Soil does not contain air and water.

(v) Gravel is not good for growing plants.

III. Answer the following questions:

(i) How is soil important in our life?

(ii) Why do most plants not grow well in sandy soil?

(iii) What is loamy soil? Why is it suitable for most plants?

(iv) What is bedrock?

(v) What is meant by soil profile? Where is topsoil found?

IV. Name the following:

(i) the hardest rock

(ii) the upper most layer of the Earth.

(iii) small pieces of rocks used to make roads and paths

(iv) mixture of clay, sand and humus.

(v) the soil which cannot hold much water.

Check the answers of the worksheet on importance of rocks and soil:


I. (i) rocks

(ii) soil

(iii) clay

(iv) topsoil

(v) Clayey

(vi) humus

II. (i) √

(ii) X

(iii) √

(iv) X

(v) √

III. (i) soil is important in our life because all living things depend on plants. Plants cannot grow without soil as the plants get water and minerals to grow. So soil provides us food to live through plants.

(ii) Most plants do not grow well in sandy soil because this soil has air but it cannot hold much water. It is very porous and contains very little humus.

(iii) Loamy soil is a mixture of clay, sand and humus. Loamy soil is suitable for most plants because plant roots get enough air, water and space to grow in this soil. The humus in this soil makes the plant fertile and spongy.

(iv) The bedrock is the bottom layer of the soil which is formed with solid rock.

(v) Soil contains different arrangement of layers like topsoil, subsoil and bedrock and this arrangement of layers is called the soil profile of a place.

Topsoil is found in the uppermost layer of the soil.

IV. (i) diamond

(ii) topsoil

(iii) Gravel

(iv) Loamy soil

(v) Clayey soil

Third Grade

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