Worksheet on Looking After Your Home

Worksheet on looking after your home contains the different types of questions on how we need to keep our homes clean and tidy.

Read the concept to answers the questions to keep our homes really clean.

1. Which habit helps you to keep your house clean and tidy?

a. Remove your shoes before entering your home.

b. Leave dirty clothes on the bed.

c. Leave your toys on the floor.

d. Walk into the house without wiping shoes on the mat.

2. Why do we empty room coolers which are not being used?

a. The water starts smelling bad.

b. Mosquitoes may start growing in the water and cause malaria.

c. The water will become hot.

d. Cockroaches will start living in the water.

3. Match the words in column A with those in column B.

       Column A                                     Column B

       Mosquito                                     carry germs

       Cockroach                                  waste material

          Flies                                             malaria

       Garbage                                     lives in drains

4. Put a tick (√) against the goad habits and a cross (X) against the bad habits.

a. When I brush my teeth I leave the tap open.

b. I wash my hands before every meal.

c. I always throw empty packets into the dustbin.

d. I leave my books and dirty clothes lying all over my room.

e. I do not bother to wipe my shoes on the door mat.

f. I help my mother with the dusting.

g. I put my toys away after playing them.


Check the answers of worksheet on looking after your home:

1. a. Remove your shoes before entering your home.

2. c. The water will become hot.

3.       Column A                                        Column B

          Mosquito                                           malaria

         Cockroach                                      lives in drains

             Flies                                             carry germs

          Garbage                                        waste material

4. a. X

b. √

c. √

d. X

e. X

f. √

g. X

Second Grade

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