Worksheet on Toad

Worksheet on structure of a fruit contains various types of questions.

The important information will help us to the answer the questions given below.

Webbed foot: The foot in which digits (fingers) are joined by thin skin folds.

Thumb pad: A dark colored wart-like structure present at the base of the thumb of the fore limb of a male toad.

Gill: Typical respiratory organ of aquatic animals made up of numerous thin membranous folds and fine blood capillaries.

Hibernation: To avoid extreme cold during winter the animals bury themselves under the soil. This is called winter sleep or hibernation.

Operculum: External cover of gill chamber.

Spiracle: Small pore-like opening of gill chamber.

Aestivation: To survive in very hot summer cold-blooded animals go under soil cover. This is called summer sleep on aestivation.

Nictitating membrane: A transparent membrane, present over the eye ball just under the eye lids of amphibians and reptiles.

Cloacal opening or vent: Round aperture through which faeces, urine and germ cells are released.

Tympanum: Thin roundish membrane, which covers the opening of external ear.

Parotid gland: Paired glands, present behind the tympanum, containing poisonous sticky fluid, which is used in self defence.

I. Answer the following questions:

(i) Where do toads lay their eggs?

(ii) What do tadpoles eat?

(iii) What does the nictitating membrane do?

(iv) How does a toad catch a prey?

(v) How does a toad protect itself?

(vi) By which organ an adult toad does breathe?

(vii) Where does the reproduction of toad occur?


II. Choose the correct option and complete the sentence:

(a) Hind leg of a toad has—

(i) four toes 

(ii) five clawed toes

(iii) five webbed toes 

(iv) four webbed toes


(b) A fish differs from a tadpole because the tadpole does not have—

(i) a neck 

(ii) a tail fin 

(iii) paired fins

(iv) eyes


(c) Larva of a toad and larva of a butterfly are similar because both—

(i) build hive 

(ii) prepare cocoon

(iii) make hole in mud 

(iv) undergo metamorphosis


(d) Moist skin is found in—

(i) a toad

(ii) a butterfly

(iii) a queen bee 

(iv) a worker bee

III. Fill In the blanks:

(iv) In _________ season toad goes for hibernation.

(v) Webbed feet of a toad help in _________.

(i) Toad is an _________ animal.

(ii) A frog prefers to live in _________.

(vi) Only _________ toad can make a croaking sound.

(iii) Behind the tympanum of a toad _________ gland is situated.

Fifth Grade

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