Worksheet on Wild and Tame Animals

Worksheet on wild and tame animals contains the various types of questions on wild animals, pet animals and useful animals.

Read the concept to answers the questions on wild animals and tame animals.

1. Look at the following groups:

Group I                     Group II

Giraffe                         Goat

Crocodile                    Sheep

Monkey                       Horse

On what basis are these divided into two groups?

(i) Group l—wild animals, Group II—useful animals

(ii) Group I—herbivores, Group II—useful animals

(iii) Group l—carnivores, Group II—herbivores

(iv) Group I—useful animals, Group II—wild animals

2. Put a tick (√) or o cross (X) against each sentence.

(i) Elephants are found both in Africa and India.                                                

(ii) Polar bears eat fruits and leaves.                                                                     

(iii) All animals are tame and friendly.                                                                     

(iv) Cows, goats, buffaloes and hens give us milk.                                                

(v) Horses, donkeys, camels and buffaloes are used to carry heavy things.   

3. Match the words in column I with those in column II:

Column I                                      Column II

1. Elephant                               (i) lives on fish

2. Buffalo                                  (ii) an Indian monkey

3. Polar bear                            (iii) gives eggs and meat

4. Hen                                      (iv) provides milk, draws carts

5. Langur                                  (v) does not eat meat

4. Complete the following sentences:

(i) _________ and _________ are after kept as pets.

(ii) Two milk products that we eat are _________ and _________.

(iii) Two animals that are used to carry loads are _________ and _________.

Check the answers of the worksheet on wild and tame animals:


1. (ii) Group I—herbivores, Group II—useful animals

2. (i) √

(ii) X

(iii) X

(iv) X

(v) √

3. Column I                                    Column II

1. Elephant                            (v) does not eat meat

2. Buffalo                               (iv) provides milk, draws carts

3. Polar bear                          (i) lives on fish

4. Hen                                   (iii) gives eggs and meat

5. Langur                               (ii) an Indian monkey

4. (i) Rabbit, parrot

(ii) cheese, butter

(iii) donkey, camel

Second Grade

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