Worksheet on Wild Animals

Worksheet on wild animals contains various types of questions on wild animals their eating habits, homes and protecting animals.

Read the concept to answer the questions on wild animals.

1. Animals and their homes:

Animals                                 Where it lives

(i) Bird                                       ________

(ii) Snake                                   ________

(iii) Spider                                  ________

(iv) Lion                                     ________

(v) Monkey                                 ________

2. Animals and their food:

Animals                                   What it eats

(i) Goat                                     ________

(ii) Tiger                                    ________

(iii) Vulture                                ________

(iv) Bear                                    ________

(v) Monkey                               ________

3. Answer the following questions:

(i) How do vultures help to keep the jungle clean?

(ii) Why should man not cut jungles for his needs?

4. Name two animals that:

(i) live on land

(ii) live in water

(iii) live in trees

(iv) lives both in water and on land

(v) plant-eating

(vi) flesh-eating

(vii) eat both plants and flesh

(viii) eat the flesh of dead animals

(ix) are endangered

5. Name the things we get from these animals:

(i) Sheep

(ii) Snakes

(iii) Silkworm

(iv) Bee

6. Fill in the blanks:

(i) Vultures eat the flesh of _________ animals.

(ii) A tiger is an _________ animal.

(iii) Wild animals live in the _________.

(iv) A bear is a _________ animal.

(v) A _________ lives both on land and in water.

Check the answers of worksheet on wild animals:


1. (i) nest

(ii) hole

(iii) web

(iv) cave

(v) tree

2. (i) grass

(ii) flesh

(iii) flesh of dead animals

(iv) plants and animals

(v) banana

3. Vultures help to keep the jungle clean because they eat the flesh of dead animals.

(ii) Man should not cut jungles for his needs because the animals are driven out of their homes and are killed for bones and skin. This results in reduction of animals in our world which needs to be stopped. 

4. (i) giraffe and bear

(ii) fish and whale

(iii) monkey and bird

(iv) crocodile and frog

(v) goat and deer

(vi) tiger and leopard

(vii) bear and crow

(viii) vulture and jackal

(ix) giant panda and rhinoceros

5. (i) wool

(ii) leather

(iii) silk

(iv) honey

6. (i) dead

(ii) endangered

(iii) jungles

(iv) wild

(v) frog

Second Grade

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