Science Review

Practice the set of questions given in the 3rd grade science review to get hold on the topics we learned in third grade.

I. Fill in the blanks using the given words:

    environment, Noon, shape, breeze, diamond, stars

(i) When air blows gently we call it _________.

(ii) Water has no fixed _________ in liquid form.

(iii) _________ is the hottest time of the day.

(iv) _________ is the hardest rock.

(v) All the _________ have their own light.

(vi) Unhealthy _________affects us adversely.

II. Put a tick (√) against the correct sentences and cross (X) against the wrong sentences:

(i) Soil is formed by very small pieces of rocks.

(ii) The Sun moves around Venus.

(iii) Water pollution affects our health badly.

(iv) Steam is a form of water.

(vi) Our heart controls all the activities of our body.

III. Match the following:

(i) clouds                              (a) flesh eating animal

(ii) carnivores                     (b) above the ground

(iii) shoot                             (c) nest

(iv) buffalo                          (d) rain

(v) birds                               (e) chewing the cud

IV. Answer the following questions:

(i) What are the factors that affect the weather?

(ii) What is freezing?

(iii) How is noise pollution harmful to us?

(iv) What is the exact shape of the Earth? How is it formed?

(v) Which soil is the best for the growth of plants?

(vi) What is the gibbous moon?

(vii) What is solar system? Which star is the main part of the solar system?

(viii) Why is there more air pollution in cities than villages? 

V. Name them:

(i) Things made by humans

(ii) Animals which eat flesh as well as plants.

(iii) The planet on which we live.

(iv) Air containing dust, smoke, poisonous gases, etc.

(v) The path of the planet around the Sun.

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