Science Worksheet

Practice the questions provided in the 3rd grade science worksheet to get the clear concept on all the topics we covered in third grade.

I. Put a tick (√) against the correct sentences and cross (X) against the wrong sentences:

(i) The moon is the brightest object in the sky.

(ii) Diamond is a soft rock.

(iii) The revolution of the Earth around the Sun causes different seasons.

(iv)When wind blows extremely fast, it is called the breeze.

(v) When the moon is invisible, it is called the new moon.

(vi) Most villages have many trees to clean the air.

(vii) Winter is the coldest season.

(viii) Water is found in four forms

(ix) Plants are useless in our environment.

(x) Sandy soil holds a lot of water.

II. Match the following:

(i) day and night                                   (a) growth of plant

(ii) soil                                                   (b) rotation of the Earth

(iii) revolution                                        (c) hot weather

(iv) summer                                           (d) movement of the Earth around t he Sun

(v) chalk                                                (e) breathing problems

(vi) polluted air                                      (f) a soft rock

III. Fill in the blanks using the given words:

    water, storm, jump, Clayey, drainage

(i) Do not ________ on desks in your classroom

(ii) A proper ________ system carries dirty water away from the house.

(iii) ________ keeps changing its form.

(iv) When the wind blows extremely fast, it is called a ________.

(v) ________ soil is used for making pots, etc.

IV. Define the following terms:

(i) soil profile

(ii) gale

(iii) water cycle

V. Answer the following questions:

(i) What is the difference between natural things and man-made things?

(ii) How do green plants make their food?

(iii) Can there be any plant without roots? What are the functions of the roots?

(iv) How do the flesh-eating animals also depend on plants?

(v) Which system is responsible for digestion of food?

(vi) What happens when water vapour comes in contact of a cool steel plate?

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