Activity on Animals and Plants

We will do some activity on animals and plants. Enjoy the activities which are based on animals and plants.

Try to do the activity on your own to get hold on the topic.

Take an empty glass jar. Fill it with soil. Put in 5 to 6 grains of whole wheat and water it daily. After a few days, you will see tiny green shoots growing above the soil. You will find a part growing below the soil. This part is the root.


Activity questions:

1. The leaf wants to make food for the plant. It needs four things to make food. 

If it gets only three things i.e. chlorophyll, air and water.

Make Food for the Plant

Name one thing that is missing and the food cannot be made without it.

2. Collect some seeds of marigold, cotton and sunflower plant and plant them.

3. Use your old socks, gloves, beads and paper to make beautiful animal puppets and host a puppet show with your friends.

4. Solve the crossword:


(i) Carries food and water to all parts.

(iii) Changes into a fruit.

(v) A type of a root.


(ii) Makes food for the plant.

(iv) Tiny pores on the underside of a leaf blade.

(vi) Holds a plant firmly in the soil.

Animals and Plants Crossword

What does sundew plant eats?

The sundew plant eats insects to get nutrients for its growth. Insects visiting the plant get glued to the sticky fluid on the hair tips on the leaf blade. The hairs then close in on the insect.

Sundew Plant Eats Insects

The glands on the hair tips produce digestive juices that digest the insect.

• Animals and Plants

Worksheet on Animals and Plants

Activity on Animals and Plants 

Third Grade

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