Worksheet on Animals and Plants

Worksheet on animals and plants contains various types of questions on living things and how they these living things depend on one another.

Read the concept to answer the questions on animals and plants.

I. Fill in the blanks with words given below:

    eggs, nostrils, seeds, pores, reproduce

(i) Cows breathe through _________.

(ii) Plants breathe through _________ on their leaves.

(iii) Some animals _________ by giving birth to their own kind.

(iv) Some animals reproduce by laying _________.

(v) Plants produce _________ which later grow into the same plant.

II. Tick (√) against the true statement and (X) against the false one:

(i) Animals move from place to place in search of food.

(ii) Plants search for food.

(iii) All living things depend on one another.

(iv) Animals do not reproduce.

(v) Plants have sense organs.

III. Answer the following questions:

(i) What does a green plant need to make food?

(ii) What do moulds and mushrooms feed on?

(iii) How does a fish breathe?

(iv) Name the different sense organs of an animal.

IV. Underline the correct answer:

(i) Plants move/do not move on their own.

(ii) Moulds and mushrooms are/are not green plants.

(iii) New plants/animals grow from seeds.

(iv) Trees give shelter/birth to birds, animals and human beings.

(v) Animals/plants have sense organs.

Check the answers of worksheet on animals and plants:


I. (i) nostrils

(ii) pores

(iii) reproduce

(iv) eggs

(v) seeds

II. (i) √

(ii) X

(iii) √

(iv) X

(v) X

III. (i) A green plant needs air, water and sunlight to make food.

(ii) Moulds and mushrooms feed on dead and decaying matter.

(iii) A fish breathe through gills.

(iv) The different sense organs of an animal are eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin.

IV. (i) do not move

(ii) are not

(iii) plants

(iv) shelter

(v) Animals

• Animals and Plants

Worksheet on Animals and Plants

Activity on Animals and Plants 

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