Activity on things Around us

We will do some activity on things around us. Enjoy the activities which is based on living things and non-living things.

Try to do the following activities on your own to get hold on the topic.

Activity on living things breathes:

Press your nostrils between your thumb and finger. After you press your nostrils you are now unable to breathe and you feel uncomfortable. Release your thumb and finger. Now you can breathe easily and feel comfortable.

So, from this activity we understand that living things need air to breathe.

Activity on living things grows:

Take two small plastic mugs. Fill each mug with soil. Now plant some seeds in one mug and a pencil in another mug. Water both the mugs for several days. After some days we observe that the seeds have grown into tiny plants whereas the pencil has not grown at all.

So, from this activity we understand that living things grow.

Note: if you plant a seed, no matter what position its in – up, down or sideways. The roots always grow downward.

How to make a stone paper weight?

To make a stone paper weight we need one flat round stone, one oblong stone, glue, modeling clay and oil colors. Then fix the oblong stone over the large stone using clay or glue. By using different colors create a face. Now our paper weight is ready.

We can use different shapes of stones to get different figures.

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Activity on things Around us

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