Worksheet on Living Things and Non-Living Things

Worksheet on living things and non-living things contains various types of questions on natural and man-made things around us.

Read the concept to answer the questions on living things and non-living things.   

I. Fill in the blanks with the words given below:

gills, non-living, alive, reproduce, plant, non-living, move, plants, feel, living

(i) Roads, buildings, cars and pencils are all __________ things.

(ii) All man-made things are __________.

(iii) Plants, animals, human beings are all __________ things.

(iv) Living things need food to stay __________.

(v) Birds __________ by laying eggs.

(vi) A seed grows into a __________.

(vii) Some living things like __________ cannot move.

(viii) Fish breathe through their __________.

(ix) Animals and plants can __________.

(x) A car cannot __________ on its own.

II. Answer the following questions:

1. Give two examples for each:

(i) Living things

(ii) Non-living things

2. How does a plant breathe while it has no nose?

3. Name any five animals which lay eggs.

4. How do most plants reproduce?

III. Tick (T) against the true statement and (F) against the false one:

(i) Animals are natural things.

(ii) Sunflower turns towards the Sun.

(iii) Some man-made things are living things.

(iv) A cat does not reproduce.

(v) No plant breathes.

(vi) All living things grow, become old and finally die.

(vii) Fish are man-made things.

(viii) Birds and animals are living things.

(ix) Tables and chairs are natural things.

(x) Clouds and rain are non-living things.

IV. Circle the odd word in every group:

(i) cat, dog, table, cow, buffalo.

(ii) car, bus, train, bird, motorcycle.

(iii) sun, moon, animal, clouds, rain.

(iv) bee, goat, sun, girl, crow.

V. Name them:

(i) A living thing always fixed in the ground.

(ii) A non-living thing which can move.

(iii) Things made by humans.

(iv) A plant that moves towards the Sun.

Check the answers of worksheet on living things and non-living things:


I. (i) non-living

(ii) non-living

(iii) living

(iv) alive

(v) reproduce

(vi) plant

(vii) plants

(viii) gills

(ix) feel

(x) move

II. 1. (i) humans and animals

(ii) table and chair

2. Plants do not have noses; they breathe through very small openings in their leaves called stomata.

3. Snakes, crocodiles, hens, frogs and ducks lay eggs.

4. Most plants reproduce through seeds.

III. (i) T

(ii) T

(iii) F

(iv) F

(v) F

(vi) T

(vii) F

(viii) T

(ix) F

(x) T

IV. (i) table

(ii) bird

(iii) animal

(iv) sun

V. (i) plant

(ii) car

(iii) man-made things

(iv) sunflower

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Worksheet on Living & Non-Living Things

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