Adaptation in Animals

Like plants, animals are also found all over the world. They live in the deepest oceans and on the highest mountains. They are found in the hottest deserts, as well as in very cold places.

The surroundings, or the environment in which an animal or a plant lives, is called its habitat. We know that plants and animals living in different surroundings adapt themselves to survive in their surroundings.

The Earth has many habitats. There are cold mountains, icy cold polar region, wet and thick rain forest, hot and dry deserts, rivers and salty oceans, open grasslands. The living conditions in these habitats are very different from each other. But animals live in every one of them by adapting themselves to survive in their surroundings.

According to their habitats animals can be classified into two types. i.e.,

(i) terrestrial animals

(ii) aquatic animals

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