Eating Habits

We will discuss about our eating habits. We know that we should eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water. We also know that we must wash our hands well with soap and water better we eat our food.

Some of the following good eating habits are:

(i) We should eat food at fixed times.

(ii) We should never be in a hurry to finish the food. Chew the food properly before swallowing it. This makes the digestion of food easily.

(iii) We should rest a while after eating. Our stomach needs oxygen to digest food. If we start playing after eating the food then the other parts take away the oxygen and we may get a stomach ache.

(iv) We should eat lots of vegetables and fruits because besides nutrients vegetables and fruits also have fiber. Our body cannot digest fiber, but we know fiber is very useful for our body as fiber helps in removing waste from our body.

(v) We should rinse our mouth thoroughly after eating.

Fourth Grade

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