Food for Healthy Body

Complete food for healthy body is necessary for all. Food is very important for all of us to live and grow. Food gives us energy to do work. Food helps us to become strong and stay healthy. Food also helps all our body parts to function properly.

Sources of food:

We all eat different kinds of food. We get our food from plants and animals. Plants give us fruits, vegetables, cereals and pulses.

Animals give us milk, eggs and meat.

Milk contains all the important nutrients. That is why, milk is called complete food. Milk is very important for growing children. Milk makes our bones and teeth strong. Water is also very important for our body.

Healthy food:

We all should take clean and healthy food. Food should be free from any kind of contamination. Food that keeps our body healthy is called healthy food. We all should take balanced diet. A diet, which contains all types of food according to one’s body requirement is called balanced diet.

We should eat fruits, vegetables, pulses and cereals. We should also take milk regularly to become strong and healthy.

1. What is complete food known as?
Complete food is the food that contains all the important nutrients.

2. What is healthy food known as?
Healthy food is the food that keeps our body healthy.

3. What is balanced diet?
A diet, which contains all types of food according to one's body requirements is called balanced diet.

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