Food items Cooked or Raw

We will learn about the different food items cooked or raw. Food items can either be cooked, or eaten raw.

Why do we cook food?

(i) Certain foods like rice, wheat, fish and meat cannot be eaten raw.

(ii) Cooking makes food soft and tasty.

(iii) Cooking kills germs.

(iv) Cooked food is easy to digest.

What are the certain food items eaten raw?

We eat certain food items raw.

(i) Most of the fruits are eaten raw.

(ii) Cucumber, tomato, lettuce are eaten raw as salad.

(iii) Vegetable salad and fruit salad are good for health.

Salt and sugar are as essential as other food items for our body. We need them for our daily physical activities. Salt and sugar make food tasty.

Water is very important for our body. It helps in digestion and removal of waste substances from our body. We must drink sufficient quantity of water during the course of a day.

How can we take care of our food?

(i) Fruits and vegetables should always be washed before cutting or eating.

(ii) Fruits and salads are best eaten when freshly cut.

(iii) Food should be covered at all times to protect it from dust arid flies.

(iv) Food should not be overcooked.

(v) Washing fruits and vegetables in salt water is good.

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Food items Cooked or Raw

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