Food Values

We will learn about the food values for a healthy body.

Do we know what human being needs to live?

The three basic needs of human being are food, shelter and clothing. We all need food to live and grow. Food gives us strength and energy. We should eat all kinds of food. These help us in a number of ways.

Different foods have different food values or nutrients.

Food nutrients can be divided into three groups:

(i) Some food gives us energy.

(ii) Some food protects us from diseases.

(iii) Some food helps us to grow.

Energy giving foods:

We know some food gives us energy. Some energy giving foods are rice, chapati, potatoes, honey, sugarcane, etc. All these food items give us energy. We need energy when we work or play. Foods like butter, ghee and oil also provide us energy. They are needed by the body in small quantities. Too much of these foods, however, become difficult to digest.

Food for health:

We know some food protects us from diseases. Some of these foods are carrot, spinach, lentils, orange, milk, etc. protect us from diseases. They keep us fit and healthy. They also help us to grow. They repair the wear and tear of the body.

Food for growth:

We know some food helps us to grow. Some of these food items that help in body building are lentils, beans, peas, butter, eggs, fish, chicken, milk, etc. They are good for bones, blood and teeth. They help us to grow. They take care of the wear and tear in our body. They help regain strength.

Milk is called a complete food. It gives us energy, helps us to grow and protects us from diseases.

Hard, crisp fruits, like apples and pears, clean and strengthen the teeth and gums.

Fruits like mangoes and papaya, green leafy vegetables and carrots contain fibres which help in throwing out the solid wastes from the body.

Food Values

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