Human Body, Health and Hygiene

We already studied about our external organs i.e., eyes, ears, nose, mouth, neck, arms, legs and excretory organs and now we will discuss about our human body, health and hygiene.

We know about the parts inside our body. The inside organs of our body are known as internal organs.

Some internal organs function in groups. They constitute various systems that perform many crucial functions in the body. Most prominent among those are respiration, blood - circulation, food-digestion etc. Thus, a group some of our bodily organs, performing a specific function in the body is known as a system. 

There are many systems in the body to perform certain specific functions for the working of the body as it is done in a machine.

Some of the systems are given below:

(i) Skeleton system

(ii) Muscular system

(iii) Digestive system

(iv) Excretory system

(v) Circulatory system

(vi) Respiratory or breathing system

(vii) Nervous system

Fourth Grade

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