Kinds of Soil

There are three kinds of soil. They are sandy soil; clayey soil and loamy soil

(i) Sandy soil: It contains sand grains. It is rough to touch and white – brown is colour. Water passes through it easily. It does not contain humus. The sandy soil is not suitable for most of the plants.

(ii) Clayey Soil: It has very fine particles which are packed tightly. It is soft and smooth to touch. It becomes slippery when wet. It is brown or black in colour. Clayey soil does not allow water to pass through easily. Some plants may grow in the clayey soil.

(iii) Loamy Soil: This kind of soil contains sandy and clayey both types of soil. It has yellowish-brown colour. Humus mixed loamy soil is the best soil for growth of plants. It allows water to pass through slowly.

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