Rotation and Revolution of the Earth

We will discuss here about the rotation and revolution of the Earth:

Rotation of the Earth:

We have seen a spinning top, our Earth also spins like a top. It spins around an imaginary line passing through its centre. This imaginary line is called the axis. The spinning of the Earth on its axis is called rotation. The Earth rotates on its axis in the direction from west to east.

Do we feel the rotation of the Earth and if no then why?

No, we do not feel the rotation of the Earth because; everything on the Earth rotates along with it. So, we do not feel its rotation. 

Rotation of the Earth causes day and night:

Do we know what causes day and night on the Earth?

The rotation of the Earth is responsible for day and night. The Earth does not have its own light. It gets light from the Sun. Earth rotates, but, it has such a shape that only the half of the Earth which faces the Sun gets light at a time, this part has day. The other dark part has night. When the Earth rotates, at a different time, the other side of the Earth faces the Sun and gets the sunlight. So, this part has day. The rotation of the Earth continues and so day and night follows each other.

Our Earth completes one rotation in about 24 hours. So, one full day including one day and one night has about 24 hours.


Revolution of the Earth:

The Earth spins on its axis and also moves around the Sun in a fixed path. This fixed path is known as orbit. The movement of the Earth around the Sun is called revolution. The Earth completes one revolution or round of the sun in about 365 days. It is the revolution of Earth that causes the seasons on the Earth. In one year, we go through one cycle of all the seasons.

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Rotation and Revolution of the Earth

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