Safety Rules at Home

We will discuss about the safety rules at home. We often hear about accidents. The main reason of accidents is our own carelessness. Sometimes, accidents can be serious and we can even lose our life. Most accidents can be avoided if we follow the safety rules. Safety rules are made to protect us at home. They protect us at home and we are safe if we follow them.

What are the safety rules we should follow at home?

Following rules should be followed at home:

(i) Avoid using sharp things like knives, blades, scissors, etc. If it is necessary to use, use them in the presence of any elders.

(ii) Never play with matchsticks. Use them very carefully in the presence of any elders and put it off before we throw it.

(iii) Fire can burn us. Hold a burning candle far from the body, clothes and hair. Never put it near the clothes or plastic items.

(iv) A careless use of electrical appliances can do us great harm. Never touch them with wet hands. Always wear slippers while using them. Never play with open wires or plug points.

(v) Never take any medicine on your own. It can be dangerous for us. Ask any elders before we take it.

(vi) Keep the toys, bags, shoes properly. Never spread them on the floor. Someone may trip over them.

(vii) Do not fly kites or play on the terrace. We can fall down or get hurt.

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