Safety Rules in the School

We will discuss about the safety rules in the school. We often hear about accidents. The main reason of accidents is our own carelessness. Sometimes, accidents can be serious and we can even lose our life. Most accidents can be avoided if we follow the safety rules. Safety rules are made to protect us in the school. They protect us in the school and we can keep us and others safe if we follow them.

What are the safety rules we should follow in the school?

Following rules should be followed in the school:

(i) Do not jump on the desks or the benches in the classroom. The classroom is not a place to run, jump, or play. Sharp corners of desks and benches can hurt us badly.

(ii) Never use a blade for sharpening pencil. Use a sharpener only.

(iii) Never keep sharp things open in the school bag. Keep them in a locked plastic box.

(iv) Do not run up or down the stairs. Never pull or push anyone while coming up or going down. Come down the stairs in a line.

(v) Running around in the corridors is a bad habit. They are made for us to walk in only.

(vi) Never throw things on others.

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