Soil and its Uses

We will learn the importance of soil and its uses.

What are the different types of soil?

There are different soils at different places such as gravel, sandy soil, clayey soil and loamy soil.

Gravel is made up of small pieces of rocks. These small pieces of stones are unable to hold water. Gravel is used to make roads and paths.

Sandy soil can be seen on beaches and deserts. It has smaller particles than gravel. It has grey, yellow or light brown color. Sandy soil has air but it cannot hold much water. It is very porous and contains very little humus. So, it is not a good soil for most plants.

Clayey soil mostly contains clay and is used to make different types of pots. It is soft and smooth. It has very small particles packed tightly. Clay is very sticky. It holds a lot of water. But its particles have no spaces between them to hold air. So it is not good for the growth of plants.

Loamy soil is a mixture of clay, sand and humus. It has very fine particles and is the best soil for plants. Plant roots get enough air, water and space to grow in this soil. The humus in it makes it fertile and spongy.  

How soil supports our life?

The life of all living things depends on plants. Plants cannot grow without soil. They gets water and minerals to grow. So soil provides us food to live through plants.

Different plants need different types of soil to grow. Sandy soil is good for bajra and clayey soil is good for rice. Loamy soil is good for most plants to grow well. We add manure and fertilizers to the soil for making it rich and fertile.

How is soil helpful in building our houses?

We use soil for making our houses. Bricks, cement, iron, glass, etc. are formed with it.

How soil gives homes to some animals?

Some animals like rabbits, snakes, rats, earthworms, etc. get shelter and make homes in the soil. These animals burrow in the soil to live in.

What are the different minerals soils gives us?

We get coal, petroleum and metal ores that are useful to form gold, silver, copper, lead and other metals.

What are the different things come from the soil?

Some things that we use in our daily life such as gas, plastic, coal, petrol, etc. come from the soil.

Importance of Rocks and Soil

Soil and its Uses

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