Types of Fruits

If we go to a fruit shop in the market we will find various types of fruits and now we will discuss here about them.

(i) Simple fruit: A simple fruit grows from a single ovary. Mango, lichi, black berry are examples of some simple fruits.

(ii) Aggregate fruit: When a large number of separately existing ovaries of a flower develop into a single fruit, it is called aggregate fruit. It appears as a cluster of small fruits hanging from a single stalk. Custard-apple is an aggregate fruit.

(iii) Multiple fruit: When a large number of flowers unitedly grow into a single fruit, it is called multiple fruit. Here many small fruits come under a single outer cover. Jackfruit, pineapple, etc. are of this kind.

Some fruits like mango, lichi, pineapple have juicy pulps, so these are called juicy fruits. On the contrary betel-nut, ground-nut, etc. do not have juicy pulps, so, these are called dry fruits.

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