Worksheet on Homes of Animals

Worksheet on homes of animals contains the different types of questions about the different kinds of animals live in different kinds of homes such as homes of birds, domestic animals, fish, spider, snake etc.

Read the concept to answers the questions on homes or shelter of animals.

I. Answer the following questions:

1. Where does a dog live?

2. Where does a lion live?

3. Why do animals need shelter?

4. Where does a rabbit live?

5. Where does a cow live?

6. Where does a bird live?

7. Where does a horse live?

8. Where does a fish live?

9. Name two birds that make their own nests.

10. Where does a snake live?

II. Choose the correct word and fill in the blanks:

1. Fishes live in ________. (kennels / aquariums)

2. ________ live in stables. (Cows / Horses)

3. ________ spins a cobweb to live in. (Honey-bee / Spider)

4. Hens live in a ________. (nest / coop)

5. ________ lives in a hive. (Bees / Snake)

III. Put a tick (√) against the correct sentences and cross (X) against the wrong ones:

1. Horse lives in a coop.  

2. Home is also called shelter.

3. Shelter protects animals from heat, rain, cold and enemies.

4. All animals do not need homes to live in.

5. We make homes for domestic animals.

Check the answers of the worksheet on homes of animals:


I. 1. A dog lives in a kennel.

2. A lion lives in a den.

3. Animals need shelter to live in. A shelter protects them from heat, cold, rain and enemies.

4. A rabbit lives in a burrow.

5. A cow lives in a shed.

6. A bird lives in a nest.

7. A horse lives in a stable.

8. A fish lives in aquarium.

9. Sparrow and woodpecker make their own nests.

10. A snake lives in a hole.

II. 1. aquariums

2. Horses

3. Spider

4. coop

5. Bees

III. 1. X



4. X

5. √

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