Worksheet on Human Body

Worksheet on human body contains various types of questions on external organs i.e. eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin & the internal organs i.e. brain, lungs, heart, liver, stomach, small and large intestines, bladder and kidneys.

Read the concept to answer the questions on external organs and internal organs in the human body.

I. Choose the correct word printed in bold:

(i) A number of cells/tissues together make an organ.

(ii) Bones/Sense organs tell us about our surroundings.

(iii) We can see the internal/external organs.

(iv) Internal organs help the body to stay alive/awake.

II. Answer the following questions:

(i) What is our body made up of?

(ii) In what ways are sense organs important to us?

III. Fill in the blanks:

(i) The intestines help to ________ the food.

(ii) ________ are internal as well as extern.

(iii) The ________ stores urine before expelling it out.

(iv) A group of organs function together to form a ________.

IV. Match the following:

(i) Pumping station                (a) brain

(ii) bean-shaped organ         (b) heart

(iii) Helps to breathe             (c) kidney

(iv) Control centre                 (d) liver

(v) Largest gland                  (e) lungs


Check the answers of worksheet on human body:


I. (i) tissues

(ii) Sense organs

(iii) external organs

(iv) alive

II. (i) The human body is made up of bones, blood, nerves and muscles.

(ii) Sense organs are important to us because they tell us about our surroundings.

III. (i) digest

 (ii) Organs

(iii) bladder

(iv) system

(i) Pumping station                (b) heart

(ii) bean-shaped organ         (c) kidney

(iii) Helps to breathe             (e) lungs

(iv) Control centre                 (a) brain

(v) Largest gland                  (d) liver

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Worksheet on Human Body

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