Worksheet on Food for a Healthy Body

Worksheet on food for a healthy body contains various types of questions on energy giving food, food for health and food for growth. We know food items can either be cooked or eaten raw.

I. Answer the following questions:

1. Name any two foods -

(i) give us energy

(ii) keep us healthy

(iii) help us to grow

2. Why is milk called a complete food?

II. Match the following:

Column ‘A’                               Column ‘B’

(i) Egg                                    (a) Energy

(ii) Chapati                             (b) Helps in digestion

(iii) Orange                             (c) Body building

(iv) Water                               (d) Protect us from diseases

III. Fill in the blanks:

solid, health, body, teeth, raw

(i) Foods like milk and pulses take care of the wear and tear in our ________.

(ii) Hard, crisp fruits clean and strengthen the ________ and gums.

(iii) Fibres help in throwing out the ________ wastes from the body.

(iv) Certain foods like fish and chicken cannot be eaten ________.

(v) Salads and fruits are good for ________.

Check the answers of worksheet on food for a healthy body:


I. 1. (i) rice and butter

(ii) carrot and orange

(iii) beans and peas

2. Milk is called a complete food because it gives us energy, helps us grow and protects us from diseases.

II. Column ‘A’                               Column ‘B’

(i) Egg                                      (c) Body building

(ii) Chapati                               (a) Energy

(iii) Orange                               (d) Protect us from diseases

(iv) Water                                 (b) Helps in digestion

III. (i) body

(ii) teeth

(iii) solid

(iv) raw

(v) health

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Worksheet on Food for a Healthy Body

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