Worksheet on Our Environment

Worksheet on our environment contains various types of questions. We know, the environment of a living thing consists of all living things and non-living things in its surroundings and our environment provides us with all our needs.

I. Given one word for each of the following:

(i) Using things again instead of throwing them away

(ii) Harmful things added to land, air or water

(iii) Living and non-living things that make up the surroundings of a living thing

(iv) Top soil being washed away by wind or rain

(v) Waste that does not rot

II. Fill in the blanks:

(i) Smoke given out by vehicles causes _________ pollution.

(ii) Harmful gases mixed with water drops leads to _________ rain.

(iii) Dysentery is caused by drinking water that has _________ in it.

(iv) _________ clean the air.

(v) A _________ heap consists of a pit filled with biodegradable waste left to rot.

Answers for the worksheet on our environment are given below.


I. (i) recycle

(ii) pollution

(iii) environment

(iv) soil erosion

(v) non-biodegradable

II. (i) air

(ii) acid

(iii) germs

(iv) Plants

(v) compost

Fourth Grade

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